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Advanced 1031 Strategies

With over 300,000 tax deferred exchages completed annually, there are always new and effective strategies to discuss.

Transactional Logistics

Often, the success of a given exchange hinges on the execution of the logistics necessary for that exchange to qualify.

Properties, Personnel, and Referrals

The success of every exchange will depend on the properties, the perople and the transactional execution. We discuss it all!.

Exchanging into Investment Grade Properties

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Having access to the individual insights, guidance, and experience of the leading practitioners in the tax deferred exchange space can be incrediby beneficial for both Exchangers and their advisors.

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Learn about the transactional logistics which will make every exchange painless

We'll sit down and walk through all the steps which will ensure that your exchange is both compliant and painless. We'll point out the pitfalls and identify the the best alternatives and workarounds.

See how you and your client can have 24/7 transactional visibility during your exchange

The real estate and tax deferred exchange industries have generally lagged other industries in using technology to provide absolute transactional visibility for Exchangers and their advisors. We'll see how some of that is changing as new technologies emerge in the 1031 space.

See some of the advanced strategies and transactional used by elite Exchangers

Tax deferred exchanging has been with us since 1921. Obviously, the strategies utilized since then, especially when informed by new statutes and case law have changed dramatically over the years. For example, we now have extensible reverse exchanges and Build to Suit exchanges that can last up to 24 months! Find out how some of th best tax attprneys and CPAs in the country are advising their clients when planning for long term tax deferral.

See how NSH Build to Suit exchanges can extend out to twenty-four months

Improvement and construction exchanges are completed every day within the standard 180 day safe harbor found in Section 1031. However, newer case law has created an opportunity for a properly structured, non safe harbor Build to Suit exchange to extend all the way out to 24 months. Find out how ExStra 1031 advises their clients on this newer, and incredibly effective approach for building larger projects.

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Join us as we sit down with some of the leading minds in tax deferred exchanging as we educate ourselves on everything 1031!