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Our Approach to Exchanging

Creating the Smart Way to Exchange

Everyone, and that include potential Exchangers, source information differently now than they did in the past. This is why we knew there were several things we wanted to accomplish with this informational portal and APP.

First, we wanted to provide unfettered and direct access to the type of information which is not only correct, but easy to understand and easy to navigate. This is why we added the APP and included robust calculators, video tutorials and the ability to ask a quick question of a 1031 expert. In our view, it is the timely access to information that is the source of real 1031 empowerment.

Secondly, we wanted to build a value proposition which was the best available in terms of 1) exchanging experience, 2) technical expertise, 3) true funds security and 4) high level exchange execution through IPX 1031, Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc., 5) plus reasonable fees.

And lastly, we wanted to develop the next generation of real estate and 1031 exchange oriented technology tools and wizards which allow any Exchanger the ability to test the performance of any property, identify Replacement Property online with a digital signature, or to help complete their diligence process.

Check out the APP here.

Your One Stop Resource
Avoid These Pitfalls

If you've never done a 1031 exchange before, invest a couple of minutes and watch this video about the two biggest pitfalls which experienced Exchangers always avoid. We'll explain how to can ensure that your hard earned equity can be safeguarded and how you can gain extra time to find your Replacement Property.

1031 Exchange Logistics

Understanding the typical logistics of a 1031 exchange before you start can dramatically and positively influence your exchange planning and is key to ensuring your 1031 will occur without issue.

1031 Time Constraints

When you start your 1031 exchange it is critical to understand the two major time constraints which are integral in complying with Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. By knowing these easy to remember time related parameters, you can ensure that your exchange closely in a timely way and occurs seamlessly.

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